I have been very busy latly so I thought it was a good idea to show you what I do for my Art lessons, I have a lot more but I will post the rest of them when I have more time

Combinations of other's works (Fallen Angel)

A big update, most of the pics are un-finished however.
IMG_0986, IMG_0976, IMG_0977 are collage of the same drawing
IMG_0982, IMG_0993 are the drawing IMG_0982 is coloured

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is Silver

If you can't read thai font,Please tell me.
โฮ่ ชอบๆแฮะ สวยดี
แต่ลงเส้นตรงปีกเบาๆกว่านี้หน่อยน่าจะดีนะ เหอะๆ น้ำหนักของเส้น เงาของวัตถุมันบ่งบอกความเป็นวัสดุได้อ่ะ แบบนี้มันแข็งเกินจะเป็นปีกไปหน่อย

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fallen angel
the figure was drawn accurately. but somehow, i felt the stomach muscle was a bit weird.

the pictures of winged woman was good too, it express the feeling of loneliness well. I don't know what you want to told about the meaning of the (bug) wings on her back. i'm also one of the "wing" lover. There're wings on almost of my picture (angel or devil, both type of wings ^^)

to compose drawings with photos is the good idea (Is it called Pop-Art or something?) But some are quite not match. 0977 is my favorite, but 0976 is not match with the photo well. (It didn't look like she was sitting on the table blendly)

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I can read Thai and understand it ^^

About the wings on the lady's back I want to show that other types of wings can be use not just typical Renassance's Swan wings, Which in this case is a dragonfly's wings. It's kind of hard to explain but when the whole project is finnished then it will be quite clear. We don't really see insects wings on humans that much in art although we (who like anime etc.) have seen it lots of times before

combinding a Drawing with a Photo is a collage (if that's what you are thinking of) Pop-art is like Andy Warhol type ^^

0976 actually like you said the figure doesn't fit into the pic very well but soemhow I like it more than 0977

about the dragonfly wings, the น้ำหนักของเส้น was actually measnt to be lightly done like you said but the problem came when I have to photocopied it in the photocopying machine! XD

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